Festive Weddings in Thailand

Festive Weddings in Thailand

Festive Weddings in Thailand

February 5, 2015 Articles

Every couple wants a wedding they would remember for a lifetime. Tastes, preferences, and budget dictate the kind of wedding one will choose to have. It can be an intimate simple wedding, it could be a casual day wedding, or it can be an extravagant and formal wedding where the sky is the limit when it comes to the budget. When it comes to weddings in Thailand, you have a variety of options too as to how you’d like your big day to be. Thailand weddings do not necessarily mean a Thai wedding ceremony. A Thai wedding can be traditional or Buddhist style. Also, it can be Western style. There are even couples who choose to have both. Your wedding in Koh Samui Thailand can be anything you would like it to be. If you have the budget to match, you can go all out and have a really grand wedding. Here are some tricks for festive weddings in Thailand.

1. Have two wedding ceremonies.

Like what was said before, you can choose between a traditional Thai wedding and a conventional Western wedding. If you can’t choose and you want your wedding to be a whole day affair, then have both. Wedding packages Thailand has to offer are flexible in such a way that there are wedding bundles that actually offer both ceremonies in one. You’ll be able to get the familiar feeling of being married in the conventional way, and at the same time, you’ll also be able to experience Buddhist wedding traditions. Being both a cultural and religious experience, it is absolutely priceless.

2. The bride can have three wedding dresses.

For the fashionista bride who simply cannot commit to just one dress, you can splurge on your outfits on your big day. After all, it IS your day. You can choose a traditional Thai outfit for your Thai wedding. Then you can also have a floor length wedding dress for the Western ceremony. Afterwards, you can change to a less formal reception dress so you can dance and party without dragging yards of silk and lace.

3. Have chocolate fountains at the reception.

Love should be as sweet and smooth as chocolate. Forever linked to romance, chocolates should be a part of the reception if you are interested in festive weddings in Thailand. Talk to your wedding planner if he/she can get you large tiered wedding fountains. You can have more than one. You can have one for white chocolate, another for semi-sweet chocolate, and another for dark chocolate. Your guests will be totally delighted.

4. Don’t forget the wishing lanterns.

Night wishing lanterns will definitely make your wedding glow. This is an alternative to fireworks but they are better and more romantic.

5. Get a gold buttercream frosting wedding cake.

If you really like to have a blast on your wedding day, you can have a golden cake. While in most weddings in Thailand packages the cake is included, you can have another cake at your own expense if you’d like to splurge—this time glitzy and very golden.

6. Give lemonade a spin.

Koh Samui weddings are usually set at the beach—with the turquoise waters providing a tranquil backdrop. For your refreshments, you can serve turquoise lemonades in thick milk bottles.

7. Invest on good quality photos.

The wedding photos and videos will be your mementos that you can go back to from time to time. Hire a professional photography service team. Do not scrimp on this one. Bad photos are useless.

8. Color your wedding day.

Thailand weddings can be made grander by choosing the right colors. Round paper lanterns on the reception area can come in a variety of colors. This idea is perfect for a daytime wedding.

9. Make best wishes even more spectacular with whimsical confetti.

10. Give the ladies and the girls some garlands.

Garlands look amazing on the hair and add a festive touch to any outfit. They also look great on photos. Thailand weddings can be made more colorful by knowing how to use flowers to your advantage.

11. Get the most competent wedding planner you can get.

This cannot be stressed enough. If you want to look your best on your big day and you want to be able to put your grand ideas to reality, you need a wedding planner. A wedding coordinator has a high tolerance for stress and can handle all kinds of wedding issues. You may have the budget to spend for all the extras that you want, but without a reliable wedding coordinator, it will be a challenge trying to put everything together. An expert who has all the contacts will make everything easier for you.

12. Indulge your guests with luxury accommodations.

As a thank you to your friends and family who make room on their time table for your wedding, you can return the favor by giving them a chance to have some fun while in Koh Samui. Book the guys on a fishing tour and the girls for a cooking class and a few hours at the spa. With these you can be sure that your wedding will be raved about for many years.

13. Have a lavish wedding reception.

The wedding reception is party time and for your wedding, you can be as lavish as you want. Serve the best seafood and authentic Thai dishes. Also, don’t forget to keep the refreshments flowing.
Weddings in Thailand are among the cheapest ways to get married. However if you want to splurge, we cannot blame you. After all, you only get married once so it might as well be a blast. These ideas will make your day truly a memorable feast for you and your guests. The key to festive weddings is to be grand and generous. If you follow your heart’s desire, rest assured that your wedding day will be fun for everyone. Have fun getting married in Thailand.

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