Koh Samui Wedding Resorts for Fabulous Island Weddings

Koh Samui Wedding Resorts for Fabulous Island Weddings

Koh Samui Wedding Resorts for Fabulous Island Weddings

February 5, 2015 Articles

Finding the perfect place for a destination wedding can be tricky especially if you are new to the place. However, that is the beauty of it. The total change in scenery and the fact that the place is entirely new adds to the excitement factor. Koh Samui weddings are currently among the most popular weddings in Thailand. The island is often chosen by couples because of its serene beauty and affordable wedding venues. If you are looking for the perfect destination wedding resort for your big day, the island is a good place to start looking. The good news is that there are a few Koh Samui wedding resorts that you can pick from. The key is to find one that suits your needs and your budget. Meanwhile, here are some handy tips for a stress free beach wedding.

Scout as many Koh Samui wedding resorts as you can.

The only way to find out which venue is perfect for you is to visit them all and compare. It’s hard to make a sound decision about a place if you actually haven’t been there. If you are a local or you happen to be very familiar with the island, this should be easy. However, for those who are from another country, this could be quite a challenge. One way to make it easy is to find someone who can show you around. Perhaps you have a colleague who got married in Samui as well or maybe a close relative happens to be a Samui regular. The point is to find a local to show you your options. Once you saw them all, it will be a lot easier to decide which one to pick.

Prepare your mind and body.

Once you have chosen among the available Koh Samui wedding resorts, the formal planning for the big day officially begins. Prepare your mind and find some ways to relieve stress. In addition, start working out. Remember, it will be a beach wedding, so your body has to be at its best. While a little flab is endearing, you want to be trim especially for your honeymoon.

Prepare your guests.

Of course your family and friends would very much like to see you tie the knot and be with you on your very special day. However, you have to prep them up since they would have to travel far and chances are they would have to make room for you on their schedule.

Trust your wedding planner.

Seriously, you need one. The good news is that most Koh Samui wedding resorts has a team of wedding coordinators that can help you. Communication is the key. If you want everything to be perfect, you have to keep the communication lines open, show up on meetings, and always be there to receive updates.

Book in advance.

You are most likely to save on Koh Samui wedding venues if you book early. Decide early on and nail the place.

Combine the wedding and honeymoon venue.

Among the best things about getting married in Samui, Thailand is that you can actually have one place for the wedding ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon. Think of the money you can actually save by doing this. Experts say that most couples’ budget for the honeymoon is often as big as the budget for the wedding. If you can have one place for both, you’d be able to save a huge portion of your budget for more important things.

Consider the elements.

When you are having an island wedding, one thing to consider is the weather pattern. It could rain. Or there could be a huge storm. If the unpredictability of the elements is a concern, it is highly suggested that you get coverage. An insurance will save you money just in case something untoward happens. Better be safe than sorry.

Think about accommodations.

Your guests’ comfort should be a priority. So if you are going to choose a place, be sure that your family and friends have rooms to sleep in especially since island wedding receptions are extended celebrations.

Invite only the people who matter.

Let’s be honest here. All of us have favorite people. There are colleagues that we like but can’t stand on most parts of the day. Having a destination wedding is the perfect excuse to avoid the people you don’t care much about. This is your wedding day and you and your beloved deserve to be with people who are dear.

Ask your boss for an extended holiday.

If you are getting married on an island as beautiful as Samui, you might want to negotiate a longer holiday. The place is addictive and so relaxing that you may never want to leave. Don’t scrimp on the honeymoon. You owe it to yourself and your special someone.

Do the wedding shower on the island.

If the girls will be on the island at an earlier time, you may want to hint at having the bridal shower in Samui. It will be fun.

Keep it casual.

Another great thing about having a Koh Samui wedding is the fact that you can melt some of the formality associated with weddings. The guys can ditch the tie and even wear flip flops. The bride can get married barefoot and wear a tropical sundress. A beach wedding is the perfect excuse to show that you’re too cool to care.

Take advantage of the island’s beauty.

If you are getting married in a beachfront location, make sure that you have your wedding ceremony on the shoreline. Have parasols and fans ready just in case it gets too hot. Also, opt for island flowers instead of the usual bridal flowers. Thai flowers are colorful, cheaper, and look great in photos.

Koh Samui wedding resorts make the best venue for a Samui wedding. To make planning a lot easier, be sure to consult a wedding expert to help you make your dream wedding a reality.

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