Marriage Registration in Thailand

Ceremony-189As Thailand has legal validity almost all over the world, it is recommended that couples get their union registered in the country after the wedding ceremony.

Nora comes to the aid of couples in this regard and arranges wedding registration. To make this possible, couples have to complete all necessary formalities in their home country and Thailand before the wedding. With all papers in order, Nora arranges legal registration in the presence of local registrar following the ceremony. The cost involved is in the range of BHT 35,000.- 38,000, depending on the nationality of couples.

Here are some guidelines for couples seeking to legalize their wedding in Thailand.

  • Check the legal validity of Thai marriage certificate specifically in your country.
  • Both bride and groom should be in possession of ‘single status statement’ or ‘divorce statement’ as the case may be, issued by local registry office in their home country.
  • Both bride and groom need to produce a ‘statement of marital intent’ issued by local registry office in their home country.
  • Nora provides the services of a Liaison Officer to make the process hassle-free. Couples need to meet the Liaison Officer at least a day prior to their wedding. The officer would then escort couples to their embassy in Bangkok to complete related paperwork. This can take up half a day and presence of couples in person is necessary. To avoid unnecessary delays, couples should check embassy holidays before heading to Bangkok.
  • Once the wedding ceremony gets over, the local registration officer will sign a Thai marriage certificate.