Romantic Koh Samui Venues: A Wedding to Remember

Romantic Koh Samui Venues: A Wedding to Remember

Romantic Koh Samui Venues: A Wedding to Remember

February 5, 2015 Articles

For romantic types, beach weddings are ideal. People become poetic describing a marriage ceremony that takes place near water. Beach weddings allow the couple and their favorite people to bask in the beauty of nature, to be one with the sea, sun, sky, and the sand. Koh Samui weddings are almost always beach celebrations. This is to be expected as Samui is an island that boasts some of the most beautiful white sand beaches on the planet. The island photographs well and if you happen to see one of Koh Samui wedding venues groomed for a certain couple’s IT day, you know how the photographs always look effortlessly enchanting. When it comes to destination weddings, you cannot go wrong with Samui. The island takes pride in its lush scenery and bountiful attractions. Not only is the island romantic, it also has so much to offer in terms of recreational activities. While here, you can totally unwind, forget about your worries, and just feel good in anticipation of your wedding.

One of the reasons why engaged couples are interested in Koh Samui wedding venues for their wedding is that there are plenty of impressive resorts that offer wedding services. In addition, the couple need not look for another venue for the honeymoon. On the island, you can have one place for the ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon. The versatility of the wedding venues Koh Samui has to offer makes it a lot easier and more convenient even for those who are from foreign countries.

Here are some tips in choosing among the available Koh Samui wedding venues.

Do some browsing.

You don’t have to actually fly to Samui all at once to be able to have an idea about the possible wedding venues you can pick for your wedding. All you need to do is to start searching online. Most of the best resorts on the island have websites that are easy to navigate. You can start sending queries the soonest you got engaged to be able to book an ideal venue.

Ask for the help of a local wedding expert.

There is no getting around this. If you and your fiancé are not Thai, the best thing you can do is to seek the help of a wedding expert that is based on the island. They know everything about wedding essentials and can give you an idea which wedding venues for Koh Samui weddings are most suitable for you.

Fall in love with the beach first.

One good way to know that you have the perfect venue is to check the beach. If it feels right, book the place.

Compare using wedding packages.

There are plenty of ways to compare the wedding venues Koh Samui has. A good way is to compare their wedding offers. The cheapest offers do not often translate to great value. The end value and satisfaction level are the most important.

Schedule a pre-wedding visit.

It will be amazing if you can arrive at the venue before the actual wedding date. It’s even better if you can actually visit during the early planning stage. During this time, you can sample the food, visualize the décor that you want, and be able to make arrangements when it comes to your guests’ accommodations.

Find out what other couples say.

A good way to know if the Koh Samui wedding venues on your list are worth considering is to check what other people think of their services. If the general feedback is positive and plenty of couples are satisfied with the way a place handles weddings, then that is a good sign.

The size of the guest list matters.

In choosing wedding venues in Samui, it is very important to consider the guest list.

Check out their extras as well.

Just because you are happy with a certain wedding package does not mean that it’s the end of the decision making process. If you are not completely satisfied with the package, ask if you can add some individual services such as hair and makeup, live band, fireworks display, mascots, and so on.

Set a clear budget.

Thailand offers some of the cheapest weddings in the world but it doesn’t mean that you can underestimate setting a budget. A clear budget will help you plan better. Decide on how much you’d be willing to spend and stick to it.

Use local crafts as wedding favors.

Instead of shopping for expensive wedding souvenirs, you can choose to hunt the local shops for items you can give to your guests. Or if you don’t want to fuzz, practical wedding favors such as flip flops and after sun gels in customized bottles, are also great choices.

Shop for outfits at home.

If you are busy, it is highly recommended that you shop for the wedding outfits in your home country. Choosing among Koh Samui wedding venues is hard enough. Shop for the wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, and hair accessories then just bring them with you.

Serve Thai during the reception.

Thai cuisine has some of the most interesting flavors among Asian cuisines. In addition, the laidback presentation of Thai food is always charming. To get the most of getting married on the island, be sure to serve local dishes and desserts to your guests.

Get married at sunset.

Koh Samui wedding venues become even more spectacular during sunset. There is something about the soft golden glow of late afternoons that just inspires romance and pleasant feelings. If you tie the knot at sunset, rest assured that your island wedding will be twice more romantic.

Choosing among the possible Koh Samui wedding venues should not be hard as the island has beautiful resorts perfect for a beach wedding. The secret is to book early and to constantly communicate with your wedding specialist. On the island, you can have a blissful wedding without spending so much.

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