Thailand Weddings for the Modern Couple

Thailand Weddings for the Modern Couple

Thailand Weddings for the Modern Couple

February 5, 2015 Articles

The thought of getting married and being able to spend the rest of your life with your special someone is simply amazing. After you’ve gotten engaged, inevitably you’ll be planning for your wedding. Some people get nervous and tense about planning for their big day. Actually, it can be pretty unnerving especially if your calendar is full and planning is not one of your best skills. Destination weddings attract the modern couple because getting married in another country is the best excuse to get the much needed break from all the stressful work stuffs. When two people are worry free and are in an entirely different environment, they are able to milk this amazing moment—the anticipation of being together forever and professing love for each other to the entire world.

Over the years, Thailand weddings have become increasing popular because in Thailand, getting married is easy, convenient, and less costly as compared to other countries. The country is a giant wedding capital and has been helping couples—both natives and foreigners—to tie the knot without too much hassle. If you are interested in getting married here, the first thing you need to look for is a Thailand wedding planner. A local wedding expert can save you and your loved one from a great deal of stress and will help you out from the very beginning up to the last minute detail of your wedding.

Among the most famous places for beach weddings in Thailand is Samui. The island, which is known for its luxury resorts, five star restaurants, and trendy bars, is often chosen by beach loving couples because it is naturally beautiful. Couples are lured by Samui’s breathtaking sceneries and tranquil light blue waters that rival those beaches found on the Caribbean. The island offers a lot of activities too, so if you decide to spend your honeymoon here (which you must), you will never be bored. Koh Samui has plenty of temples to visit and is a nice playground for people who crave some peace and quiet. Here, you can take off your shoes, feel the sand in between your toes and enjoy fresh air. The tropical weather is absolutely inviting and will make you and your guests feel like you’re on an exciting vacation.

Here are some wonderful ideas for Thailand weddings and honeymoons in Koh Samui.

1. Carry a treasures of the sea bouquet.

Koh Samui weddings are made more exciting by unique creative ideas. You can start with the bridal bouquet. Most brides opt for flowers but since you’d be getting married by the beach on the island, why not start the trend of a non-floral bouquet? You can shop online for very beautiful custom made sea shell bouquets.

Sea shell bouquets are perfect for the modern beach bride. They are cheaper than flowers and if you are the bride, you can keep yours as well.

2. Opt for traditional outfits.

An island wedding is the perfect opportunity to dress like the locals. It certainly is an experience you and your guests will treasure forever. Since Thailand weddings can be both European style and traditional style, consider tying the knot the Thai way and wear what the locals do when they get married. Your friends and colleagues back home will be more than excited to see the photos.

3. Have a “sparty”

If you can very well afford it, aside from giving your guests a lavish reception and unique wedding favors, you can also thank them by allowing them to be pampered at the spa. The guys can have a massage, while the girls can get a facial together and some foot spa therapy. Your guests will love it. Thailand weddings are the perfect excuse to unwind and get a break in a tropical place so indulge your guests with some spa pampering.

4. Prepare a tote full of beach goodies.

The key to fun and memorable Thailand weddings is to spoil the guests. You get to get married once and so make this a really special event for your family and friends by spoiling them rotten. Give each of them a bag full of beach essentials—-sun screen, after sun gel, flip flops, towel, lip balm and so on. They will definitely be thrilled by this thoughtful gesture.

5. Have a table full of Thai desserts.

Aside from the bridal cake, indulge everyone’s sweet tooth by serving a lot of native desserts. Thailand is known for its mouthwatering sweet treats that are mostly made from coconut milk, rice, and tropical fruits. There’s Thai cassava, mango sticky rice, and sweetened banana. The sugar rush will definitely heighten the party mood, which is great for any celebration.

6. Ride a luxury yacht on your honeymoon.

Thailand weddings are also popular because of the romantic honeymoon ideas for the bride and the groom. A good way to spend your honeymoon in Koh Samui is to ride a yacht and go on an island tour. Take this rare chance to get back to nature and be one with the elements. It’s a good way to get to know the island from a different vantage point.

7. Wear a sarong style dress.

If the venue permits and the weather gets a bit too hot, the bride can opt for a sarong style wedding dress. This kind of outfit is more casual and allows the groom and the guests to dress casually as well. In addition, this style is less pricey than a conventional wedding dress. If you think it is too revealing, imagine it to be a strapless summer dress. Besides, you’re in the tropics so you can wear lighter flowing fabrics. The bridesmaids can wear sarongs as well if they like to.

Thailand weddings are fun weddings. If you love the beach and enjoy warm tropical weather, start looking for a venue now and find a reliable wedding planner to help you with everything. In Koh Samui, weddings are definitely special.

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